Megan Silianoff, 28, is the girl next door assuming you live in downtown Chicago. Megan is a recruiter at a staffing firm and recently married to, Danny, who was technically a client. #Oops. She shops at Urban Outfitters, routinely gets together with college friends for book club, and watches a lot of Rachel on TV. (Rachel Zoe, Rachel Bilson, Rachel Green.) In fall of 2010 Megan goes into routine surgery for a cyst on her ovary and wakes up to learn she has ovarian cancer - possibly breast cancer too. Horrified by the way friends and family fell apart upon hearing the news; Megan innately realizes she has to keep it together for their benefit. She starts a blog about her ongoing prognosis but writes in a very irreverent and flippant manner. Upon beating her first round of cancer, Megan and her husband move to Houston, Texas where they began pursuing domestic adoption. Though they are considered a family in waiting for almost two years, the adoption itself goes full circle in five days from meeting the birthparent, to witnessing the baby be born, to naming her after Megan s favorite rapper, Jay Z.